To provide a platform for encouraging discussion among the member industries on various subjects concerning the Bulk Drug Industry with a focus on formulating the industries’ views on various matters such as national, technical, economic and commercial policies that concern the growth of the Bulk Drug industry in the country.

To create and encourage mutual help and cooperation among the members

To assist, cooperate and represent the collective opinion of the association members in formulation and execution of legislative measures by state or Central government authorities/regulators that affect, directly or indirectly, the industry, trade or commerce of the Bulk Drug sector.

To diffuse among its member’s information on all matters affecting the bulk drug industry and to print, publish, issue, circulate such papers, periodicals, books, circulars as may seem conducive to any of the objectives of the Association.

To encourage the discovery and investigate and make known the nature and merits of inventions, which may seem capable of being used by those engaged in Bulk Drug Industry.

To formulate methods for developing indigenous as well as export market for Bulk Drugs manufactured in India.