The Association works for consolidation of the gains of the industry and serves as a catalyst between Government and the Industry on the various issues for the growth of the Industry. To build on India’s existing strength in manufacturing and Distribution and substantial enhance the beginnings made in R&D in order to become one of the leading players in the global pharmaceutical market.

To promote the consideration and discussion of all the questions affecting the Bulk Drug Industry in India among all members and serve as a common forum for formulating their views on all matters including national, economic, financial, commercial and related policies concerning the growth of the Bulk Drug Industry.

To create and encourage mutual help and co-operation among the Members.

To assist and cooperate and to represent the collective opinion of the members of the Association in framing and execute legislative measures with any State or Central Government or any such Authorities on any matter directly or indirectly affecting the industry, trade, and commerce relating to the bulk drug industry.

To diffuse among its member’s information on all matters affecting the bulk drug industry and to print, publish, issue, circulate such papers, periodicals, books, circulars as may seem conducive to any of the objectives of the Association.

To encourage the discovery and investigate and make known the nature and merits of inventions which may seem capable of being used by those engaged in Bulk Drug Industry.

To formulate methods for developing indigenous as well as export market for Bulk Drugs manufactured in India.

To undertake arbitration and settlement of all commercial disputes arising between members and non-members with mutual consent of parties.

To establish or maintain a library, laboratory for testing the quality and standard of Bulk Drugs and other allied products and to establish or maintain Research and Development for a development of new drugs/improvement in existing drugs/processes etc. Or any Hi-tech Research & Training Centre, in the interest of the members of bulk drug industry and the country in general.

To receive donations and contributions from the Government, Philanthropic institutions, individual, organizations, FAO, WHO, etc…

To do all such lawful things as are incidental or to in consonance with the attainment of the objects of the Association.